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Are you a small manufacturer of unique or handmade products? Sunrise Wholesale has a special program designed specifically for small companies or individuals who want to offer products into distribution for Sunrise's eager sellers. If you're interesting in providing wholesale products to Sunrise Wholesale, please fill out the form below completely and a representative will contact you if we are interested in your items.
Please provide your contact information so we can reach you if we want more information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Your Contact Email:
Where are you and your products located?

Sunrise Wholesale only accepts companies/individuals from the USA.

Tell us about the products you have to offer for wholesale
Describe your Product(s):
Total Products: How many unique (individual SKUs) products can you offer:
Quantity: How many units do you usually have in-stock of each item:
How Long Manufacturing How long have you been making and selling these items:
Website: Do you have a website or store for these items already? If so, please enter the URL below:
Image Site: Do you have a website or blog (besides the site above) with images of your products (example: Flickr, Tumblr, etc...) If so, please enter the URL below:
High quality Photos Can you supply us with high-quality images (at least 1000 x 1000) of each item:
Manufacturing Process Please describe how the items are manufactured:
Materials Used: Please tell us what materials are used to make your products. (Example: plastic, cotton, wood, etc...)
Exclusive to Sunrise Are you providing these items exclusively to Sunrise or are you already (or planing) to seek multiple dropshippers:

Sunrise is always interested in providing our customers with exclusive, unique items so we will prioritize such suppliers.

Item(s) UPC? Do your item(s) have a UPC?:

Having a UPC is not required but helpful for many third-party sites (like Amazon.)

Tell us about the pricing for your products
Pricing Structure Do you already have wholesale and retail pricing setup for your product(s):

Please note: Sunrise is a wholesale supplier. Products must be supplied to us at a wholesale price so customers can resell the items through their sales channels. Wholesale prices are typically 50% of the retail. This allows the sellers to apply their profit and marketing margins.

If you do not have a wholesale pricing structure setup, Sunrise can help with this process if we are interested in obtaining your products.

Pricing Example: Please provide us with some pricing examples of your products. Please include the wholesale price you are seeking for the item(s) and the suggested retail.
Shipping Costs and Methods
Shipping Prices Do you already have an accurate shipping price setup for your product(s):

Shipping is an import part of the dropshipping process. We need to know the exact shipping cost of an item in order to provide customers with this information.

Consignment Are you willing to consign your products to Sunrise Wholesale for internal shipping from our warehouses:

You would be responsible for shipping your items to our warehouse. Products would then ship from our location to customers. Only provided stock-quantities will be available for sale. Unsold items will be return after the consignment period expires. You would be responsible for all shipping (including return) costs.